Leadership coaching

Are you sensing that there must be a new way to lead and work?

A more human way, which balances feeling and doing, planning and sensing, and decisiveness and connection.

I practice truly human coaching.

I should warn you, it's not for the faint of heart ..

  • There are no simple answers.
  • It’s going to get messy and uncomfortable.
  • It’s going to bring into question your lifelong beliefs about what leadership and work should look like.

But it will be worth it .. 

  • Your work will become a calling and it will continually challenge and enliven you
  • You’ll be proud of your contributions and the impact you are having in the world
  • You’ll feel fully expressed in what you’re supposed to be doing on this earth

What's it like?

Let's be honest, one size does not fit all.

My approach is not yet another formula. You have no idea what you’re in for – and, to some degree, neither do I. Every journey I go on with a client is unique because every client is unique. What’s reliable is that when we both show up fully, transformation happens.

A high level outline of a coaching engagement:

  • We talk and assess if we are a good fit for each other
  • If it's a hell yes, then we set your primary objectives and get started!
  • We co-create a coaching plan based on your objectives
  • Next, we work together for a minimum of 6 months with regular check-ins on progress and to adjust the plan
  • Your life and work transform as you step more authentically into humanness and your leadership

"Alla is absolutely amazing coach and mentor. She listens to everything you have to say intently, without judging you. She helps you find answers within yourself in a way that makes the most sense for you as an individual. She is very open, honest and helpful. She has made me aware and provided me with what I needed.  Instead of giving me a recipe, she helped me create my own recipe using just the ingredients I already had within myself."  


"Alla has been a great support in developing my design leadership skills. Her background as designer and her work with design leaders at Adaptive Path gave me reassurance that she will understand the challenges of my role. Alla has demonstrated experience, knowledge and warmth during our 6 months together. She is professional, supportive, flexible, understanding and has great listening skills. She is a delight to work with. As a coach, I've also learned a lot from her, for instance, that coaching is not only about goals, but more importantly about getting to know yourself better, your triggers, believes, motivations, fears, and learn how to deal with them, which has been transformational. I would strongly recommend her anyone, particularly Design leaders who want to take their career into the next level."

Client love